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Organic food and organic skincare product are becoming a popular lifestyle choice for many. Not just for it’s health benefit, but also as an effort to reduce the impact that non organic food processing has on the environment.

Climate change is on the agenda of all world leaders and going organic is a great way of helping ourselves whilst saving the planet.

If we are indeed “what we eat” or “what we apply on our skin” , then the time has come for all of us to really think or pay particular attention on things that goes into our bodies or apply on our skin

The development in the growth of organic food consumption and skincare product used today is the realization of healthy self improvement, since both organic food and skincare product are not produced or processed by the use of any chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

The chemical used to assist with the fast growth and preservation of food produce that we consume as food and skin product often contain toxic elements which are both bad for the human body as well as the rich soil that they are grown on.

All the natural nutrients and vitamins which help us to grow mentally,physically and most of all healthier are reduced at the point of chemical interference.

Study has shown that things we consume daily and apply to the skin goes directly to the body or get absorbed into blood stream which, then circulate around the whole body. But if one knows what toxic non organic food and skin product contained, one would think twice before consuming or using it and it is no more a surprise to see more and more people switching to organic food or skin product each day.

Moreover, organic food and skin product are derived from plants grown organically which are found to contain a higher level of vital antioxidants, vitamins free from any contamination to be harmful to human health and other naturally occurring ingredients which are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicide, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and other additives or chemicals.

With this , one can be assured that his/her body or skin consume/absorb only real and natural ingredients that aren’t harmful to both the body and skin.

If we are about what we eat,then the Sam can be said about our skin . Many people suffer from skin allergies and problems, which may very well derive from the chemicals within our food and skin care product which are non organic. 

Using organic skin product ensures that the skin receives real nutritional benefit from its ingredients.

We are very blessed to have fertile soil in Ghana, which enables us to produce natural products such as coconut oil, honey, aloe Vera, and Shea butter which help to soothe, nourish, moisturize and promote smooth skin.

As 95% of organic food and skin product are active ingredients and are therefore less likely to cause allergic reactions, inflammation or irritation and if an allergic reaction occurs, it is more easily identified because of the natural ingredients. Though, the results may appear slower, the  organic route is by far healthier options both for the body and the environment and more people need to rally together to push for better skin and health.

I hope this has given us a small insight into the benefits of consuming organic food and the use of organic skin care product to help our skin glow up.

Remember organic is the word and natural is the aim!!

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