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Avocado Seed Oil 100% Natural 120ml


Avocado seed oil contains many antioxidants and very handy for cosmetic needs.
Though it has many health benefits, the seed of the avocado is quite bitter, so it is not advisable to use it in food.
Research has shown that the oil from the avocado seed helps to increase the soluble collagen in the skin. As you age, your body naturally loses its ability to rebuild the collagen, but avocado seed oil helps to naturally restore it.

Collagen aids to improve the overall tone of the skin by getting rid of wrinkles, dry flaky skin, cellulite and sclerosis of the skin.
Massage avocado seed oil into the scalp to increase the growth of hair, watch the hair come back to life with a new shine.
Use Avocado seed oil in hand and body lotions, shampoos and other cosmetics


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