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Coffee Senna Powder



Coffee Senna (Mmofraborodee) Powder
Coffee Senna is an Ayurvedic medicinal plant used as a traditional medicine for the treatment of various diseases.
It is called “Rai Dore” in Hausa literally mean live prolonger and mmofraborodee in Twi.It’s botanical name is Cassia Occidentalis and is known to boost the fertility and used as an aphrodisiac in Ghana and other African countries.

It is very good for men in 40s to maintain and prevent them from prostrate disease, and make them strong, even in sexual performance. It’s also good for hormone imbalance, annovulation, irregular menstruation and menstrral camps
Other Uses
-Good for treating stomach discomfort
-Healing of wounds and sore.
-For treating convulsions
-Easily combat anemia due to it ability to nourish the body with abundant oxygen supply
-Have antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral properties to treat illments triggered by bacteria, virus and fungus
-Effective to promote a healthy skin and body, senna coffee is instrumental in treating body itching, scabies, ringworm, insect bites, acne, eczema, rashes, boils and psoriasis.
-Good substitute for promoting respiratory health
-Efficacious to combat cancer, swellings, joints pain and body pains, menstrual pain
-Most importantly, it act as Antiperiodic agent which helps to stop from periodic attacks of unknown or a particular disease Good for wellness, DIY hair and body care products


100gm, 1kg, 500gm


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