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Curry Leaf Powder



Good for Oral Health & DIY Beauty Products

This curry leaves Powder is a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin B2, calcium and iron. Adding curry leaves to ones meals aids in the treatment of dysentery, diarrhea, diabetes, morning sickness and nausea.

Oral health Curry Leaves:
Helps in Lowers Cholesterol Level
Help flush out toxins and body’s fat content.
Promotes Weight Loss

Boosts Digestion

Eradicates Bacteria

Improve Eye Health

Boosts Digestion

Keeps Anemia at Bay

Improves Blood Circulation

Treats Wounds

In Haircare, Curry leaves:

Reduce hair fall
Stimulates hair growth

Prevents premature greying

Improves scalp health

Boosts shine

helps in premature ageing of the skin

Body oils
Face creams
Haircare products
Moisturizing lotions
Nail moisturizers
Massage oils
Skincare products
Sun care products
Bath oils
Anti-aging creams
Face masks
Shower Gels


100gm, 1kg, 500gm


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