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Turmeric Powder 120mg


Turmeric is known for having potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The compound called curcumin is the key ingredient which gives turmeric its magical propertie. Turmeric’s antioxidant properties help treat inflammation and swelling in muscles and joints and reduce fatty buildup in vital organs. Very Strong Antioxidants. Improve Brain function, lower heart disease, anticancer, Alzheimer, arthritis pain, depression & antibacterial.

The chemical compound curcumin helps to decrease UV damage, clear up acne and reduce the appearance of redness, irritation, puffiness and scarring.

A touch of Turmeric brightens and energises dull and fatigued complexions.

Turmeric for Skin Benefits

Glowing skin.
Boosts healing.
Helps treat psoriasis.
Helps acne scarring.
May treat scabies.
May help other skin conditions.
Brightening skins

Body oils
Hair oils
Face creams
Haircare products
Moisturizing lotions
Nail moisturizers
Massage oils
Skincare products
Sun care products
Bath oils
Anti-aging creams
Face masks
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