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Garlic Capsules with Mistletoe + Hawthorn 60 mg- from Germany


Doppelherz Garlic Capsules with Mistletoe + Hawthorn 60 mg/ 24 mg/ 54 mg – Traditional Medicine for the Prevention of General Artery Calcification – 270 Capsules

RTERIAL CALCALCATION: High cholesterol, lack of exercise, obesity or stress are risk factors for artery calcification.

Garlic + Mistletoe + Hawthorn: Traditional medicine with garlic, mistletoe and hawthorn for the prevention of general artery calcification (atherosclerosis)

Gastric juice resistant capsules: the enteric soft capsules contain the following active ingredients as extract: fresh garlic onions, mistletoe and hawthorn fruits.

Doppelherz Knoblauch Kapseln mit Mistel + Weißdorn 60 mg/ 24 mg/ 54 mg (Galic)

With mistletoe and hawthorn
To support cardiovascular function
Maintain vitality and performance Particularly suitable for old people and people with high cholesterol health issue.
The Doppelherz garlic capsules with mistletoe + hawthorn contain plant extracts that prevent general hardening of the arteries.

Especially nowadays, it is agreed that targeted prevention is important in order to prevent symptoms in good time.

The garlic capsules maintain vitality and performance. Garlic is particularly suitable for older people.

But garlic capsules also promote health in middle age. Because prevention against general vascular calcification cannot begin early enough.

Use: For regular use, take 1-2 capsules three times a day before or after a meal whole and with sufficient liquid.



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